Big Savings with Home Heating System Replacement

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February 4, 2016
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March 12, 2016
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Big Savings with Home Heating System Replacement

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It’s Cold Outside!

Keeping your home heating system running properly is a crucial issue during cold winter months. What’s the number one secret? You’ve probably heard this before: maintenance. Proper maintenance is vital to ensuring your system will be able to operate at peak performance to keep your family cozy and warm when it’s freezing outside. But there’s another issue that can be even more important.

Home Heating System Replacement:

One Customer’s Testimony

A unit that is too small for the square footage of your home will not only struggle to keep up with plummeting temperatures, it can also cause you to wind up paying home heating bills that are up to 5 times higher than necessary. That’s right, we said 5 times higher. We recently received a testimony from a customer who discovered her home heating unit was far too small for the size of her home. This is a surprisingly common phenomenon among older homes like hers. After she received her first energy bills, she was shocked. The amount due dropped from the typical $400 to $500 to just $120. Sounds pretty remarkable, doesn’t it?

Is Your Furnace Inadequate for Your Home’s Needs?

If you’re making due with high heating bills and a furnace that struggles to keep up with cold temperatures, you may have an inadequate unit for your home’s needs. A new, larger system will also add the benefit of higher efficiency levels and a brand new warranty, all of which add up to more savings for you! Don’t struggle unnecessarily. Give us a call at PJ’s HVAC Repair and we’ll help you get to the bottom of the issue, and fast!

Contact PJ’s HVAC Repair today!

Our diagnostic charge for first time customers is just $35.00, with flat rate pricing. Another great perk? PJ’s HVAC NEVER charges overtime for emergencies or weekend calls! When you need quality HVAC service and repair without compromise, do yourself a favor. Call PJ’s HVAC Repair at (615) 337-2345 You’ll be glad you did!


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