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May 22, 2017
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Home Repair Services: Home First, Vacation Later

Some days, when the heat gets so hot and unbearable, the one thing you may have on your mind is traveling. Even though you may long to escape from it all, before you make any plans, you should think about your home. It can’t go anywhere. When it has problems and repair concerns, it has to rely on you to fix them. If you haven’t done much to bring your home up to date or to increase its heating and cooling efficiency, you should get a jump start on it by hiring a company for home repair services.

Your Vacation Can Wait, But Not Forever

It doesn’t make much sense for you to go on vacation when your home is in such disarray. Even though you don’t plan to have anyone house sitting or anything, why let problems sit in this heat. Your heating and cooling system should always be in good condition so that whenever you are home, you don’t have to do anything but flick a switch and enjoy. You can’t do that if you don’t have a home repair services company come out and help.

At Least Get a Professional Home Repair Services Opinion

There is nothing with thinking there is nothing wrong with your home and that it doesn’t need any repairs. But the best thing you can just to give yourself some reassurance and to avoid the need for unexpected repairs. Hire a professional company to come out and take a look at your home’s systems. They can let you know about any immediate concerns and issues that you may be able to hold off just a little longer on until you get back from your vacation.

Prep Your Home Now

Whether or not you plan to leave for vacation in the next few days to weeks, you should take some time to prepare your home. Check the furnace even though it hasn’t been used in a few months. Brush off the cobwebs and dust. Be sure to remove the dirty furnace filter and replace it with a new one. Clean up the area around your furnace. Remember, even though it is not currently in use, it still needs to be taken care of so that you don’t encounter any problems when you do decide to use it.

Inspect your air conditioning unit. Even if you haven’t had much trouble with it yet this year, you should still check it out. Look at the ground near the outside portion of it (condenser). If you notice that the ground is wet and it hasn’t been raining, your system may have a leak or several that should be repaired right away. Don’t assume that you can simply replace the refrigerant that has leaked out. That is a task that is best left to the professionals. When outside of a closed system, refrigerant can be a toxic substance. Play it safe and hire a home repair services company to get it done.

Your home’s comfort should always be a top priority whether you are in or not. The times when you are somewhere else, you should take measures to ensure that your exact comfort temperature is reached before you make it back home. On hot days, this may require you to turn the thermostat down at night and early mornings. To leave a fan or two on and to monitor your home’s humidity levels.

Keeping your home safe, sound and comfortable is not a hard task. You should never allow those factors to become secondary priorities. You have to remember to keep your biggest investment in the nest shape at all times, even if that means making repairs and updates before you go on vacation and forget about them.

For more summertime heating and cooling suggestions and if you have any concerns, contact us at PJ’s HVAC.

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