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The Importance of Home Insulation


InsulationWe all know that effective and efficient insulation is an important component of any home or building. Insulation not only maintains temperatures in your home, but also contributes to efficient air circulation as well. Installing proper home insulation helps to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer and, can also contribute to reduced energy costs over time.

Insulation should be installed in ceilings and walls in your home, as well as in the attic and crawl space areas. Choosing appropriate insulation will help keep your home safe and comfortable year-round.   The ducts in your crawl space and attic should be properly wrapped so as to keep the air in these typically hot spaces, cool.

Three Types of Insulation

When choosing your home insulation there are three primary types to choose from. Keep in mind when purchasing your insulation that it is not always true that the most expensive type of insulation is, in fact, the best choice.

Batt InsulationBatt is the most common type of insulation and is readily available. It consists of sections of rock wool or fiberglass that are designed for easy handling even between framing elements. Batt can be purchased with or without paper or aluminum foil facing and can be used in walls, floors, ceilings and attics. More often than not it is made of fiberglass which helps to efficiently prevent heat loss. This insulation is also available in rolls.

Spray Foam Insulation   Spray foam is a favored alternative to the traditional fiberglass insulation. It not only is an effective means of typical air sealing but also makes it remarkably easy to fill in hard to reach places between framing elements. Used in building construction to minimize air infiltration and provide thermal insulation, this type of insulation is very safe to use. In addition, spray foam expands nearly 100 times its original size to fill in every nook and cranny of your home’s structure providing an efficient and effective means of air sealing.

Rigid-Foam InsulationThis type of home insulation can be used in walls, roofs or foundations and has a greater R value than fiberglass or cellulose insulation. There are three different types of rigid-foam insulation with the primary difference being that of the R value, compressive strength, water resistance, facings and cost. Sold in sheets, in a variety of sizes, this insulation is a better thermal insulator and is used in residential new constructions.

How do I Know If My Home Needs Insulation?

If you find that your home insulation allows energy, heat and/or cool to escape your home, then chances are you need improved insulation. If you notice increased utility and energy costs every month because your warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer is leaking out, then you do not have proper insulation installed. If you have an older home and you notice that you have to run the heat or AC continuously in order to keep your home comfortable, then you do not have proper insulation installed. In each of these scenarios, it goes without saying that you are in desperate need of improved insulation in your home.

If you are uncertain whether or not you have proper insulation in your home, then take time out now to contact the professionals here at PJ’s HVAC Repair, LLC and let our experts help you choose the proper type of insulation that is best suited to your home’s structure and needs. Spring is finally here. What better time of year to give focus to your home insulation. Contact our team today. We look forward to serving you and to providing you with all your insulation and HVAC needs.

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